Mets Day 1036 CT scan suggests greater neck tumors

Mets Day 1036

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Today I received the result of Tuesday's CT scan at Johns Hopkins. The ideal news: no tumors were detected in my abdomen, pelvis,organs, bones, or brain. In addition, the supraclavicular node is 2.5 cm, almost unchanged in length from my January 8, 2015 scan. Thebad news: three other nodes in my neck have swelled in length. In the technical language of the radiologist:

There is an enlarged point 5 posterior triangle lymph node viewed best on sequence 6 slice 52 measuring 2 cm on the left aspect. An additional point 5 A lymph node measuring 1.nine cm on the left aspect is provide. Additional posterior triangle point 5 B lymph nodes are viewed in the left neck and there is a three cm left point four lymph node at the back of the jugular vein and lateral to the carotid artery on the left aspect anterior to the anterior scalene muscle.
The connection with levels refers to the location in my neck (see this chart), and does not characterize the character of the cancer.
For the beyond couple of weeks, I have spotted that, equally morning after i wakeful, the left aspect of my neck is quite sore. Each time I move my neck, I feel a little little bit of tension on the left aspect. But to this point, this cluster of tumors is not interfering with any physically functions. I have no nerve ache, or subject in talking, or chewing, or swallowing, or moving my neck. The tumors apparently not compressing my jugular vein or carotid artery, or otherwise interfering with blood flow to my head (no doubt because I've been brain dead for many years, as my teenagers would say). But this is the 1st time that I have started noticing the direct effects of my cancer, as antagonistic to the aspect effects of all of the ideas of my cancer. It's not a comforting feeling.

On Tuesday, as Dr. Hahn palpitated the nodes in my neck, I asked him if there has been whatever  be performed about my creating nodes, besides the clinical trial we were discussing. He said no — radiation was untimely, since they were not interfering with any physically functions. Surgery no doubt was not advised, since taking out the nodes would not be curative, and surgical treatment would have its personal risks and complications. So I watch and await protrusions to sproutfrom my neck, just as Dr. Frankenstein predicted: "For the experiment to be a success, all of the body components has to be enlarged."

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