Mets Day 1041 First Opdivo infusion

Mets Day 1041

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I was once supposed to be at Johns Hopkins at 7 am this morning for my first infusion on the nivolumab (Opdivo) clinical trial. The wonderful part of the day was once getting up there. It started snowing the night before, and the forecast was once calling for 5-10 inches, which for the DC space is enough to close down the city. I planned on driving the Jeep Wrangler. For an expansion reason, I failed to sleep smartly, and at four am decided to get up. I plowed the driveway, cleaned off the hot tub, then enjoyed a pre-break of day soak. I was once on the road by 5 am. Our gravel road was once unplowed, but the Jeep had no problems. The paved roads were as a rule plowed but snowpacked. The beltway and I-ninety five was once snowpacked, with lanes invisible. Fortunately, there was once little traffic at that hour.
I arrived at JHU purely before 7 am, and from that part on, everything went smoothly. My port was once accessed, and the nurse took 17 vials of blood (I did agree to this take a look at, I reminded myself). I met with Dr. Hahn and the clinical trial nurse, then was once told to get an expansion breakfast at the same time as the pharmacy keen the correct style combination of nivolumab, since dosage is custom-tailored to every affected person's weight the day of treatment.

The JHU infusion room is older and extra crowded than GW's infusion room, where I did my two prior chemo regimens. I planned to close my eyes and rest round the globe the infusion, but the first chair that I was once positioned in would no longer stay reclined. I asked to be moved to one other chair, and that one reclined so far it felt like my feet were larger than my head. But it did the trick. The specific infusion took solely about 60 minutes.

While the PD-1 drug was once being pumped into my physique, the nurse told me that they had been getting an expansion astounding effects from these new immunotherapy drugs. He also told me to make certain that I mechanically reported anything else different – hives, rashes, difficulty in respiring, tingling, modifications in the GI tract, telepathy, etc. Listen to my physique, I was once told. Hopefully, the aspect effortlessly ought to be minimal.

I was once again on the road by midday, and by then the roads were all transparent. I got here home and took a nap – no longer thanks to infusion, but because I had no longer slept a vast deal the night before. Jennifer and I went over to an expansion pals for Pancake Day dinner. I'm yawning as I classification this, so I'm going to listen to my physique and go to mattress.

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