Mets Day 1055 Second Optivo infusion

Mets Day 1055 Second Optivo infusion

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I went to Johns Hopkins this morning for the 2nd round of remedy with nivolumab (Opdivo) via the clinical trial sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb. In the beyond few days, I had observed that the swelling of the nodes in my neck had lowered. This morning Dr. Hahn palpitated my nodes and agreed that, not handiest were my nodes smaller, but they also were not as firm. He said that this counseled that the swelling was once a result of the nivolumab doing its thing, ramping up my immune formula around my nodes, causing them to swell up, then reducing in size as the effect of the drug wore off. Hopefully, each and anytime the swelling goes down, the size of the nodes will decrease too.
Today's dose was once a similar as two weeks ago: three mg/kg of body weight. Each batch is custom-made in step with the weight of the sufferer that morning. I can expect my nodes to again swell up, then decrease in size after 10 days or so. In two weeks, I'll do it again, then have a CT take a look at to see how concerns are going.

I have not had any noticeable side consequences from the infusions. No GI problems, or hives, or other common concerns. My neck and left shoulder continues to be a piece sore, but it is rarely necessarily debilitating. Yesterday I played 5 games of racketball with Garrett (who had the day off from school a result of dangerously icy prerequisites in the morning), and felt fine. I'm hopeful that this drug works, but I'm also functional in working out that it's a long shot. I'm grateful for each and every extra day that I have with my family.

Speaking of which, later this week I'm flying to Utah for a bunch of grandpa time with Rose. There ought to be would becould really smartly be other members of the family and guests I'll also see, but seeing my granddaughter is the magnet that draws me out there. Being a grandparent is a favorable gig, and I'm watching forward to this trip.

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