Mets Day 1070 Third Opdivo infusion

Mets Day 1070

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Yesterday I spent a protracted day at Johns Hopkins getting my 3rd infusion of nivolumab. I left my home in Northern Virginia at 9 am and arrive at JHU at more or less 10:15 am and had a short wait before I was referred to as in for my lab work. The nurse could not get a return from my port, so she ended up drawing blood the vintage-fashioned approach. Since it takes three hours for the pharmacy to custom designed-make the infusion, I walked over to the cafeteria and read the paper whereas trying to ignore the inanities of "the Price Is Right" on the TV.
My appointment with Dr. Hahn was at 12:forty, so I wandered back down to the waiting room and was referred to as in quickly thereafter. Because the clinical trial Sponsor wants to note any doubtless side effects, I told Dr. Hahn more or less a strange pain in around left ear that began more or less 5 days ago. He checked it out – no inflammation to the ear drum – shrugged, and said to let him know if it persisted.

At 1:30 I was referred to as into the infusion area, where the nurse placed another IV for the Opdivo drug mix. At the related time, he fiddled around with my port, flushing a mixture of saline and heparin, and sooner or later ordered a clot-busting drug that might dissolve something was blocking the top of the port from enabling a return. I'd had an identical issue with this port in 2102 when the top were given lodged in the side of my vein. I sooner or later had an interventional radiologist snake a line up through my femoral artery to pass the top. This time, after soaking for an hour or so, the clot-busting drug appeared to do the trick and my nurse was capable of get a return. I were given back home by 5 pm.

The main the reason is, the visit appeared longer than usual was that I had began to feel sick the day before, and didn't sleep well. I must have picked up a computer virus whereas flying home from Utah on Sunday March 15. I had spent 10 days out there spending time with my granddaughter, touring with the numerous family, and playing with my granddaughter. I went skiing with my brother and was reminded just how out of shape I am. My quads and hamstrings protested for days after. But I'm recovered now.

Next week I have a CT scan, which could be the first glimpse of whether the Opdivo has shrunk my tumors in my neck and shoulder. The doctors will compare that scan to my baseline scan of early February, and determine whether my cancer has progressed, held stable, or shrunk. The doctors caution that they desire to see the results defined by two scans (scheduled for March 24 and May 5), so next week's scan will not be definitive. It will, nevertheless it, give some idea as to what mischief my cancer is up to.

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