Mets Day 1077 Awesome CT results

Mets Day 1077 Awesome CT results

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I simply acquired the resultseasily of the previous day's CT scan, and the resultseasily are suitably, suitably first rate. The entire length of the cluster of tumors in my neck and shoulder have decreased by roughly 20% after three infusions of Opdivo. I'm doing slightly blissful dance here. This is the first time this is why my melanoma used to be clinically decided that that any CT scan has detected a decrease in tumor length. I have to assert that I like this kind of rfile some distance higher than some other 20+ reports I've receved over the past three and a half years.
Before writing this post I texted the news to my circle of relatives. The responses are like the Lego Movie subject matter song. Yay!

Here's the language from the findings section:

Since prior studies dated 2/10/2015, there is slightly decreased lymphadenopathy in the left posterior triangle, minimize jugular chain, and anterior mediastinum. Index measurements are as follows: (outside be trained dated 1/eight/2015 used to be reconstructed in the axial plane to supply index AP x TV measurements):
Largest stage IV lymph node (22/sixty eight) measures 1.four x 1.2 centimeter (previously 1.eight x 1.5 cm).
Largest stage 5 lymph node (22/57) measures 1.2 x 0.nine cm (previously 1.5 x 1.eight cm).
Largest anterior mediastinal node (22/seventy six) measures 1.0 x 0.eight cm (previously 1.1 x 0.5 cm).
No new or enlarging lymph nodes are seen.
I am so grateful to hear this news. I don't know whether the nivolumab drug will protect shrinking my tumors, or how long the last result will last, nonetheless I'll take all I can get. I'll of route continue to be on the medical trial for so long as there are first rate resultseasily (or two years, whichever comes first).
I'll be curious to see how other metastatic bladder melanoma patients are doing during this drug. I'm the first mets BC patient during this trial at Johns Hopkins, so with any luck the drug can provide a lot of more patients with this roughly response.

I forwarded the reports to Drs. Apolo and Aragon-Ching, with this phrase:

Enclosed are the resultseasily of the first scan this is why I started the nivolumab medical trial (three infusions so some distance). Yeah, I'm blissful. I'll protect riding this horse so long as it's going to carry me. Next scan is 5/5/15. I'll protect you revealed. Thanks once more for your ongoing care.
They each responded inside of an hour ("terrific news" and "stunning!"). I agree. Everything is terrific!

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