Mets Day 1078 More CT lookup displays 50% tumor shrinkage

Mets Day 1078 More CT lookup displays 50% tumor shrinkage

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Last night Hopkins posted an alternative analysis of my CT scan. The clinical trial team it appears wished to measure as precisely as viable the sizes of both objective tumors. I'm no longer bound I understand how the maths is executed, alternatively the base line conclusion is that these two tumors have gotten smaller by 50% after three rounds of Opdivo.
Here's the language of the supplemental analysis:

Exam 1: CHZ 8080 – CT SUPPLEMENTAL READ R0 – Mar 24, 2015 thirteen:forty seven

RESULT: This report is dictated with chose measurement of index
lesions as RECIST 1.1. Please see the unique clinical report of the CT
scan of the neck from three/24/2015.

COMPARISON: 2/10/2015.
Longest unidimensional measurement in mm for non-nodal disease.
Short axis measurements for nodes.

TL1: Left degree 5 lymph node measures 9 x 12 mm at slice state of affairs 208
compared to sixteen x 18 mm previously.

TL2: Left degree 4 lymph node measures 7 x 9 mm at slice state of affairs 256
compared to sixteen x 20 mm previously.


IMPRESSION: Decrease in SOD from 32 mm at baseline to sixteen mm.

This is gorgeous documents. I am humbled and choked with gratitude. I am grateful to God, and all the ones that proceed to specific faith on my behalf. Thank you.

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