Mets Day 1112 Sixth Opdivo infusion

Mets Day 1112

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Last night I watched the TV coverage of the rioters in Baltimore burning and looting, and carefully studied the map to see if I would be driving through the place similtaneously going to and from Hopkins. My route would cross the troubled place, but I doubted that I would have any problems. I checked once more this morning and saw that there had been some overnight rioting near the Johns Hopkins campus, but things currently were quiet and the hospital was open. Just in case, I pulled my Glock out of my safe, eliminated the trigger lock (it took a transient time to keep in mind the place I had put the important factor), slid in a magazine, and put it below the driver's seat. Nothing's going to stop me from getting my nivolumab. Of course, nothing happened on drive in or out. I passed a looted Seven-Eleven (primarily? Slurpees and churros?), and saw National Guardsmen in rebellion gear with M-16's posted at the doors of the Sidney Kimmel cancer center. Welcome to Charm City.
I didn't ought to wait as long as earlier than, because the day gone by I had my blood drawn at a vicinity lab, and they had despatched the outcomes to Hopkins, enabling the drugstore to mix up my meds in advance. I met with Dr. Hahn and the clinical trial research nurse, who pointed out that there were several cancellations today as other patients decided to stay away. Dr. Hahn palpitated my nodes and said that they felt "mushy" which is more top quality than firm. I guess urologists would know the adaptation amongst both. Dr. Hahn said that our purpose was getting an entire response (CR), observed by no evidence of disease (NED). CR/NED sounds first rate to me.

The infusion was routine – an hour within the chair, three checks of my vitals, and I was on my way domestic. I'll be again subsequent Tuesday for my 2d post-nivolumab CT scan. Hopefully, my tumors will be even smaller than earlier than.

May is bladder cancer awareness month. BCAN's annual fundraiser walk is this Saturday, May 2, on the National Mall. You can donate here. Do now not bring your Glock to the walk.

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