Mets Day 1126 Seventh Opdivo infusion

Mets Day 1126

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Things I've discovered from contemporary infusion of nivolumab through my clinical trial at Johns Hopkins:
1. Getting my lab work done the day before saves a minimum of two hours on infusion day at Hopkins.

2. My port (over 3 years historic) does not like to return blood. It takes infusions in basic terms fine, on the other hand when nurses effort to draw blood through it, the tip of the port interestingly buries itself into the tissue of the vein, blockading blood attracts. Almost every time I've gone in, there were a host of headaches with my port. Today I obtained my infusion through an IV whilst a clot-busting drug was shoved into my port to dissolve some aspect was precluding getting a return.

3. According to Dr. Hahn, it really is too soon to claim that I have had a whole response, even though my recent CT scan showed that each one of my tumors had shrunk to under 1 cm in size. Dr. Hahn suggested that the line amongst a partial response and an comprehensive response is a fuzzy one, on the other hand because my scan still detected the presence of tumors, I'm still waiting for a CR.

4. There is still no published documents on nivolumab on metastatic bladder most cancers. But Dr. Hahn expects to peer a host of new documents at this month's annual meeting of ASCO in Chicago. Stay tuned for updates.

five. Bristol Myers Squibb has in basic terms announced a brand new Phase II trial for nivolumab in metastatic bladder most cancers. Apparently it really is been getting sufficient favorable reports from my trial that the agency is moving ahead with getting FDA acclaim for mets BC.

6. The plan is to reside the course and proceed getting treatments for a whilst.

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