Mets Day 1136 More lookup of my May 5 CT take a look at CR

Mets Day 1136 More lookup of my May 5 CT take a look at CR

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Last week Dr. Aygun at Johns Hopkins did a supplemental interpretation of my May 5 CT scan of my neck. It became posted on May 17, but I've been visiting household in Utah since May 14, and amongst my niece's wedding and the start of my granddaughter, I didn't note it except the previous day. Here's the textual content of the report (I've introduced hyperlinks):

RESULT: This report is dictated with specific measurement of index lesions as
RECIST 1.1. Longest unidimensional measurement in mm for non-nodal disease. Short axis measurements for nodes.

Please see the customary clinical report of
the CT scan of the neck from 5/5/2015.

TL1: Left level 5 lymph node measures 5 x 5 mm at slice position 335.7 compared to 9 x 12 mm previously.

TL2: Left level four lymph node measures 5 x 5 mm at slice position 362.7 compared to 7 x 9 mm previously.



IMPRESSION: CR (in the neck). All nodal goal lesions are less than 10 mm.
Dr Aygun's outcomes are dramatically possibility than the customary interpretation of my May 5 scan by Dr. Idowu. In the initial outcomes, Dr. Idowu wrote that "the left level four lymph node previously measuring 1.3 x 0.9 cm currently measures 1.3 x 0.7 cm." But in keeping with Dr. Aygun's supplemental examine, the left level four node previously became 7 x 9 mm (not 1.3 x 9 cm), and now measures 5 x 5 mm (not 1.3 x 7 cm). I do not understand how two possibility radiologists, looking at the exact same image, can finish that an analogous tumor is either 1.3 x 0.7 cm, or 5 x 5 mm. That's a 50% difference!
In addition, Dr. Idowu, the radiologist who at the start examine the May 5 scan, looked at tumors on the left side of my neck at levels 3 and four. Dr. Idowu wrote that the left level 3 lymph node previously measuring 1.5 x 1.1 cmcurrently measures 1.four x 0.8 cm. Dr. Aygun did not measure that level 3 node, and easily wrote that there have been no non-goal lesions. How might a tumor be measured to be 1.four x 8 mm by one doctor simply be missed by the 2nd doctor?

Dr. Aygun has concluded that I have had "CR": an complete reaction (in the neck). But whilst i requested Dr. Hahn an analogous query at my last trip at, he told me that it became too soon to say that I had an complete reaction, although he agreed that the short axis of my tumors became below 1.0 cm, so that they were not "pathological" below the RECIST 1.1 checklist. But he became unwilling to cross as far as Dr. Aygun.

Although Dr. Aygun's studying would ordinarily be gorgeous news, I have a suit level of skepticism over the outcomes. I'll be asking Dr. Hahn some questions about this at my next appointment on May 28.

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