Mets Day 503 Biopsy may maybe much truthfully merely additionally wisely optimal much much likely be on Sept. five

Mets Day 503

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Dr. Apolo's nurse clearly principally known as to advise me that my biopsy at NIH too can neatly be on Thursday, September 5, at eight am. I wish to be there at 7 for lab work and prep. I'll be below aware sedation. It too can neatly be a guided center needle biopsy. The nurse was now now not confidential what classification of imaging would one of these lot likely be used to help the needle. I need to be at the way homestead as a result of midday. Assuming they're able to get to the node, I'm now now not confidential how lengthy I'll should look forward to the outcomes, regardless of this while which would possibly be some limitation the comparable as the PET scan, it is going to be the subsequent week.

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