Mets Day 547 hydration and hair loss

Mets Day 547 hydration and hair loss

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Yesterday I went decrease back to the cancer middle for 2 liters of saline, an anti-nausea drug, and the Neulasta enrich hormone booster shot. I attention on that the similarly hydration is assisting — I don't rather feel choice of as deficient as I did after the first around. I'm going decrease back this afternoon for an decision couple of liters.
I haven't have been given an lousy lot of an urge for nutrients. My kind buds attention on each aspect is moldy rainy cardboard. I'm on the complete consuming protein shakes.

Meanwhile, my hair is falling out by manner of the handful. This morning the shower drain gave the influence of a gerbil was once lying on it. When I combed my hair there has been a stunning choice striking from the tines. I'm presently debating irrespective of whether to permit it fall out by manner of itself time table, or irrespective of whether to source it an news. If there ever was once a time for one in all my youngsters to do a thing dull, here's it, so I can actual tear my hair out.

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