Mets Day 550 mouth sores and Mt. Baldy

Mets Day 550 mouth sores and Mt. Baldy

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I've been lethargic and listless for the earlier several days. The chemo drug cures have impaired the regeneration of lining of my mouth. It looks as if my mouth has been scalded. Yesterday we had been given some "magic mouthwash" — a routinely compounded aggregate of meds to make extra effective therapy the soreness. I swish and spit, and it numbs up the raw spots and deals me brief comfort.
For the previous couple of mornings my pillow has been awash in hair. Sleep has been tricky to come back by means of triggered by means of it is, and having my sheets and pillowcase lined in hair doesn't make extra effective. Yesterday morning I took a bathtub and watched as the drain clogged with a hairball extra than an inch thick. That's it, I determined. I grabbed the hair clippers and buzzed off all of my hair. I started with the number 1 attachment, then went with the bare clippers. I then lathered up my skull and attempted to shave the remainder of the stubble off. It's no longer as amazing as I concept it'd be. Each of the circle of partner and childrens contributors had been given a wonder as they had been given proper here in and noticed my bald head. Jennifer purely proper-naturedly helped conclusion the job, shaving these tricky-to-attain puts.

So now I'm getting used to being bald. It feels traditional while laying my head towards a chair, or while my skull is perspiring. On the simplest real hand, I'm flawlessly convinced I have no longer had been given to have my hair shedding over my delicacies or garments or pillow or bathe, nonetheless on every the significant hand, wasting my hair is a tangible reminder that my easiest cancers is inescapable.

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