Mets Day 555 – slowly hiking out of the chemo hollow

Mets Day 555

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Recovery from around 2 of the chemo has taken severely longer than around 1's recuperation. It's taken me 11 days to have self belif getting ready to an an identical edge that I became pretty neatly 7 days after the 1st around. I'm at per threat 40% of traditional. Climbing a pair of flights of stairs still will get me winded. Doing  else regarding bodily observe is troublesome. At least I can read for a similtaneously, not like inside the week after chemo in which the phrases would fail to penetrate my memory.
I have not yet determined no matter if I will go forward with around three. If I do, it is every now and then my final around this year. I'm almost genuinely not to do chemo in November and December. I'd a comprehensive lot reasonably appreciate what might additionally neatly also be one in all my final trip seasons in fairly judicious neatly being and spirits.

This weekend my oldest son, Spencer, is running his 3rd Tough Mudder. If you don't recognise what which will likely be, take a take a appear at the movies or read pretty neatly it — it truely is a four-five hour learn of staying power. I shake my head in surprise. I am amazed that anyone would voluntarily state of affairs himself to one factor like that. Maybe I dropped him on his head too constantly as a infant. Next month, he's running the Philadelphia Marathon — his second — with the target of elevating cost for the Chris Atwood Foundation. Chris became Spencer's judicious loved one that died formerly this year of a drug overdose. Spencer spoke eloquently at Chris's funeral. Spencer's fundraising web page for the premise is absolute best suited here — have self belif unfastened to  and donate highly countless dollars in order for you.

I am profoundly grateful that I can spend time with my circle of household, and that they with me. Each day that my life is prolonged is a offer from God, for which I source day to day thanks. Even now, it truely is basically too readily doable for me to permit that manner of gratitude slip away. Before cancer, I had so little comprehension how the proximity to death makes me so a comprehensive lot more grateful for one and all moment of life, with all of its little joys.

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