Mets Day 565 – Round 3 tomorrow

Mets Day 565 - Round 3 tomorrow

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I've very reluctantly decided to do the third around of ddMVAC chemo. I get nauseated basically pondering approximately it. But I've re-reviewed the literature, and it always indicates that dissimilar rounds raises the capability of the chemo medication to inhibit the boom of the correct cancers. I've also pondered on the directions of my doctor, consulted with my circle of domestic, and given it a bunch of prayerful consideration. Even despite the reality that emotionally and physically I do now no longer are procuring groceries to do it, going upfront with around three turns out to be like the suitable quality element to do.
I've also decided that around three would additionally be my last around, at the very least for this yr. I'll have a take a look at next week, and then have one other take a look at in January, and take it from there. Knowing that around three would additionally be my last around for a lengthy term supports relatively in going upfront the next day. I would look upfront to our cruise on Nov. 16 as incentive to get my power again. But for the next two weeks, I recognise I'm going to journey shape of awful. As unquestionably one of my chums spoke of to me, it actually is one element to be served a [crap] sandwich. It's one other element to recognise you have gotten ordered it. Waiter, oh waiter . . .

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