Mets Day 567 – Round 3 report

Mets Day 567 - Round 3 report

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Yesterday's administration of circular 3 of ddMVAC chemo was no alternative from rounds 1 and more than one. Infusion took all day. I didn't have a overall lot of a window of feeling alright after the infusion, although robotically felt fatigued. I climbed internal the sizzling bathtub when i have been given space, then curled up around a heating pad. Sleep was once more and once more interrupted via emotions of nausea.
Today I went again in for hydration as of late, and have been given extra anti-emetics alongside with the saline. Jennifer took me again space, whereby I once once more alternated between the sizzling bathtub and the heating pad. I'm torpid and fatigued. I'm resigned to spending the ensuing week or more being dragged internal the time of the quagmire.

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