Mets Day 572 – Constipation and CT check

Mets Day 572 - Constipation and CT check

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Since my last round of ddMVAC chemo on Wednesday, I had been littered with a foul case of constipation. I'm passing prodigious amounts of gasoline, then again particularly nothing within the procedure of solids. I sleep with a heating pad wrapped round my intestine, hoping for movement. I market one of many sizzling bathtub and the mattress, looking out to leisure. The evening upfront than last I awoke at 2:18 am in ache from the constipation, and would no longer get again to sleep. My colon seems like an historic bic pen tube loaded with dozens of wet spitwads: no herbal drive will probably be succesful of expel them from their felony. Miralax and colace had been useless. I even resorted to taking Ducolax, with little effect. An enema would be subsequent.
This morning I have a CT scan at NIH. Hopefully it is going to fail to become responsive to any spreading of my melanoma. I understand the businesses and the virtual walk in the park that the tendrils of melanoma slowly will choke my organs. Yet I can give thanks for the two day that my life is extended, ever aware at how thin a reed life would possibly accurately accurately basically additionally be.

In instances of ache, I am comforted thru the small issues: preserving my granddaughter; a possess family sport; a taste dialog with my spouse; a shared snicker with one of my little ones. I ask yourself if my toddlers are aware at how a functional smile or a "thanks" can help boost my spirits. Such small acts of kindness supports show me to are looking out to be extra slight in my phrases and deeds.

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