Mets Day 573 – Labs and CT scan basically

Mets Day 573 - Labs and CT scan basically

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Today I went to GW for lab work and to satisfy with Dr. Aragon-Ching. My counts were consistent with my prior consequences for one week post-chemo — low, then again in distinctive okay. I as well reported that, after referring to to each week of painful constipation, I would most maybe report a splashdown from simply tons of astronauts. I told my oncologist how relieved I was to be taking a destroy from chemo. I told her how we might decided to e book a last-minute cruise after I'd decided to stop after three rounds, and she or he was genuinely chuffed and supportive of my determination. We agreed to circle back after the holidays to have a look at where we were, unless something terrible took position within the period in-between.
As of my midday appointment, neither Dr. Aragon-Ching nor I had heard from Dr. Apolo with regard to the results of the day gone by's CT scan. That received correct here this evening, when Dr. Apolo regularly neatly-referred to as with fantastic news. She said that the CT scan failed to stumble on any extra a long approach-off metastases, adding the liver, which was a services and products neighborhood of hassle from the August PET scan. She said that the node in my neck measured .eight cm, which is inevitably unchanged from the 1.0 cm (10.2 mm to be particular) within the August scan. Because the CT scan slices at every .five cm, the dignity among .eight and 1.0 cm will probably be the outcome of a a chew option CT slice of the node, and she or he couldn't definitively conclude that the node within the neck had as a topic of assertion diminished in size ensuing from the ddMVAC chemo.

We discussed my determination to position on hold added chemo rounds for now. Dr. Apolo said that I had been tolerating the chemo very neatly, which was news to me. She then explained that, by tolerating the chemo neatly, she meant that I had not required hospitalizations or blood transfusions. She as well said that a performed ddMVAC routine was generally talking six rounds, and by stopping now, I was not doing the performed routine. She said that the preferable viable last outcome of ddMVAC was overall remission, then mechanically brought that happens less than five% of the time. She implied that, by not going for all six rounds, there was less of a possibility of a performed remission. She then said that it was my determination, and she or he would improve my determination either manner.

The manner I see it, the odds of performed remission are remote. A performed remission doable that once detectable a long approach-off metastases is no longer detectable. So a long approach, the ddMVAC chemo has not diminished in size the node in my neck. If that hasn't took position after three rounds, that's likely not going to happen after three extra. On the other hand, there has been no extra gather up either. But there is no manner of realizing whether or not that's a outcome of the ddMVAC, or simply that my most cancers is taking its time, or divine intervention, or ingesting Entemann's donuts. What I am express of is that, if I were to proceed chemo, I'd ponder terrible for one other two months, I would depart out the chance to have a shrewd time my thirtieth anniversary on a cruise in two weeks, and the holidays wouldn't be referring to to as glossy. I'm cozy with my determination.

Dr. Apolo agreed that she'd do one other CT scan in January. She as well said that she had installed a request to have my tissue sample from the biopsy run through NIH's gene sequencer, so we might have that counsel at our disposal if and when I have enlarged nodes and grow to be eligible for one of the gene therapy medical trials. While gene therapy looks as if it is the new frontier for most cancers treatment, I hope that my nodes continue to be small for a tremendous long time.

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