Mets Day 608 – Home with the boys

Mets Day 608 - Home with the boys

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This week there's nothing on the other hand testosterone at circle of relatives. Jennifer, Chelsea, and Rose are in Utah for the week, as Chelsea interviews at 4 phenomenal residency guides. Jennifer is the babysitter, taxi driver, and sherpa, and Rose is accountable for ingesting the milk and being exceptionally. With Kirsten in university, handiest the boys are circle of relatives — Josh, Spencer, Garrett, and I. We've already scheduled a cleansing carrier to return muck out the region the day prematurely than the ladies come circle of relatives.
Garrett has had no university for the beyond two days due to ice and freezing rain the day gone by, and a forecast of up to 6" of snow at this time (we handiest ended up getting an inch or two). We have had a lazy couple of days, sleeping in, analyzing, Garrett gambling video video games, going out to devour. My calories level is still markedly down publish chemo. I wonder how lengthy the residual outcomes of the cumulative chemo burden will linger on. I'm so perfectly pleased that I have now not been continuing with the ddMVAC rounds — I can't trust how destructive I may a lot clearly very likely merely smartly also tremendously feel had I handed as a result of 6 rounds.

I've been mulling whether I like to continue on as a partner with my legislations institution, or take an eternal disability retirement. On the one hand, I like having the outstanding of returning like to my smartly-being toughen. Plus, having the ongoing get proper of entry to to the institution's smartly-being care is ok (while as a partner I pay 100% of the can fee, approximately $22,000 in preserving with year for circle of beloved ones assurance plan). On the different hand, I wonder how viable it in reality is that I may a lot clearly very likely merely smartly also ever be equipped to cross back to paintings, given the easily fact that I'm already beyond the statistical median area of moderate survival for persons with metastatic bladder very best cancers. The head of my network and different partners are encouraging me to retain my dating with the institution, on the method to attract on my time out as essential. I want to spot quickly, as my existing contract with the institution handiest is going proper as a result of the conclusion of this year.

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