Mets Day 712 – Good CT check very with out problems

Mets Day 712 - Good CT check very with out problems

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Today I went to NIH for one more CT test — I think it is my twelfth CT test since December 2011. I stuck around to meet with Dr. Apolo, and gained the resultseasily: no further spreading of my cancer was detected. The test couldn't tell if the node in my neck was an analogous measurement as beforehand, because of the fact the test started off about halfway at some factor of the node. The radiologist saw no proof of cancer in my lungs or liver or anywhere else. He did note further deterioration of my backbone, which ordinarily is handiest age-mounted. Overall, it is almost as exceptionally outstanding as one would possibly hope for.
Dr. Apolo steered that I retain to have familiar scans each and every one 3 months or so. She needs to do either a CT and PET test next time. Those scans ordinarily would merely additionally additionally be in mid-July. Meanwhile, she regular that she saw no favor for any chemo or other remedy at this time. I was not disenchanted to place concentration that.

I have noticed out not to construct up any expectations or fears for these CT scans, nonetheless to merely accept the resultseasily to be no matter what they're. As a outcomes, I didn't feel a gushing of aid at these resultseasily. I did offer a silent prayer of gratitude and thanks, in spite of the simple fact that.

What this tells me is that I would ordinarily not be out of commission doing chemo contained in the getting all set to fate. It ability that I would possibly make most of trip plans this summer. I'd advised Spencer that I'd be willing to sign up for up in him for a drive out to Colorado or Utah in late May if he gets a function with one in every of the a very robust barren quarter applications contained in the market (his purposes are pending). Jennifer and I further had made tentative plans with two other couples to trip to Seattle and do an Alaskan cruise in late June. We'll then spend each and every one week or so in Utah in early July. The test has given us most of extra self trust that I'll be succesful to drag off those trip plans.

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