Mets Day 789 – Reshuffling the nest

Mets Day 789 - Reshuffling the nest

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Last week Chelsea, Josh, and baby Rose moved out of our basement rental so Chelsea could such a lot maybe also start up her scientific residency in Utah. The week before they moved, Jennifer and I cared for Rose 24/7 whilst Chelsea and Josh went on a smartly-earned excursion cruise. We cherished having our granddaughter with us, but in addition found out why folks of their 50's are now not supposed to be new father and mother. The space seems masses quieter with them gone.
Spencer purely seized the risk offered by having the rental vacant, and moved all his stuff downstairs. He says he is going to be obtaining his very own food and effort living on his very own whilst ending college. I think it's a astonishing transition for him.

Meanwhile, this past weekend I hosted at our Lake Anna excursion dwelling space 12 folks from the Potomac Pathways, the intensive outreach application where Spencer works as a peer mentor. I spent all day Saturday on driving the boat whilst the teenagers were tubing, wake boarding, water skiing and tanning. I grow to be sunburned and exhausted by the conclusion of the day, and smartly worth it. It's a satisfaction to be succesful of help struggling folks have ideal, safe, wholesome amusing.

The previous couple of days of May, we hosted my older brother, his oldest daughter, and her 12 month vintage son, as they visited the neighborhood. I don't get that masses time with my brother, as he lives over 2000 miles away, s it grow to be pleasant to spend ages together. We visited a few the Smithsonian museums. (I'm embarrassed to say that some of the most effective time I go there is when out-of-town friends are visiting.)

When I see other folks, they remark that I am procuring groceries smartly. My hair has grown again (even though it is masses curlier), I've gained weight since my last around of chemo, and I seem to have decent calories. In short, to others I don't seem to be their preconceived notion of the way somebody who has point 4 metastatic cancer should still look. I hope to retailer it that strategy. Nevertheless, I continue to be cognizant of my tenuous physical condition, and am aware and thankful for equally day.

Each Monday, I receive an email correspondence from BCAN listing all of the recent questions published on the discussion forums at I evaluate the dozens of questions published inner the past week, and add my tips when i have some thing to present a contribution. Recently, a 39 year vintage woman whose father is dealing with bladder cancer asked:

I grow to be just wondering of somebody else disagreed with the alleviation stove of their doctor? If so will now we have a say or will we need to go someplace else???

I replied:

I am a potent advocate of the sufferer taking can charge of his or her care. I learn many greater than one the scientific literature (my heritage in patent regulation has helped my figuring out), wrote down my questions in advance, typically recorded my interactions with my doctor so I could such a lot maybe also hearken to them over again later, and explored all of my business possibilities. I consulted with and continue to be followed by doctors from Hopkins, NIH, GW, Fox Chase, and U. Chicago. I've additionally consulted by telephone and email correspondence with doctors from U. Mass. and M.D. Anderson. I feel fortunate to continue to be followed by one of some of the most effective BC doctors out there.
I've been Stage IV for greater than 2 years, and there are now not any deploy medicine regimen — alternatively, equally sufferer is treated mainly founded upon how the cancer looks to be showing. Having such a workforce of doctors calls for a willingness to take obligation on your very own care, because the doctors don't all of the time think equally other, and are fast to comprehend their biases and limitations. For get together, when my BC spread to nodes in neck, I had three of my doctors recommending salvage chemo, and two telling me it wouldn't do any ideal. I've favored the frank the aid of equally, and feel that I am managing my care with as masses info as viable.
Several of my doctors have told me that I am a totally unusual sufferer because I learn the literature, carefully explore the business possibilities and risks, but am now not grasping at straws or wishful thinking. My docs inform me that highest victims just hope their docs to announce the activity alleviation and do it. As highest readers of these forums know, nonetheless it, founded upon the staging and co-morbidities of equally sufferer, there are plenty of greater than one greater than one BC alleviation possibilities from which to select. In my opinion, it exceptionally is bigger to appreciate the possibilities in advance of time alternatively of getting later regrets.
I know the chances are closer to my lengthy run survival, have updated my will and awesome scientific directive, and have found peace and satisfaction in living one day at a time. In the meantime, I weblog selection of my existence with mets BC at All are welcome to determine if there is whatever that is could such a lot maybe be of use to you.

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