Mets Day 875 – My melanoma is slowly rising to be

Mets Day 875 - My melanoma is slowly rising to be

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This afternoon I got a name from Dr. Apolo with the consequences of the former day's PET-MRI scan. She reported that the scan supplied incredible footage. The terrifi information is that the scan did not divulge any tumors in my organs. The undesirable information is that the scan showed that the so much cancers is slowly developing in a identical institution of lymph nodes near the base of my neck, where the distant metastases turned into first detected in August of last year. She reported that the scan showed that the size of the biggest node turned into 1.5 cm within the lengthy axis, and 1.35 cm within the temporary axis. She pointed out that the scan showed that there turned into a so much cancers tumor developing within that node, seeing that the scan showed uptake of the 18F-flouride glucose. She delivered that other nodes within the neighborhood have been moreover a reasonably large in size than turned into meditated in past scans. This suggests that my metastatic so much cancers turned into not sterilized by the dose dense MVAC chemotherapy that I had last fall, and has resumed its enlargement in my lymphatic system.
Dr Apolo pointed out that there turned into no usual medication that she would possibly recommend at this point. I've already had two rounds of cisplatin-depending in certain cases chemotherapies, and my so much cancers had been proven to be cisplatin-resistant. She pointed out that the so much promising medication would possibly be an experimental immunotherapy, which is handy so much helpful through a clinical trial. The principles for entering such trials, even so it, are that the tumor has to be as a minimum 1.5 cm in size on its shortest axis, and mine is considerably below that size, at 1.35 cm. She advocated waiting for a few months, then having an chance scan. In the meantime, she would possibly review the plenty of clinical trials handy, and we can speak the execs and cons after my subsequent scan.

Although I already knew the reply, I asked even if disposing of the nodes would possibly have any a official selection influence. Dr. Apolo replied that studies had proven that there turned into no therapeutic advantage to disposing of metastatic nodes, seeing that the so much cancers turned into unfold all around my lymphatic system. Removing the nodes would not likely slow the unfold of so much cancers to other components of my body.

This information is disappointing but not unfamiliar. If something, the marvel has been how slowly my mets has moved. Maybe or not it's going to continue to develop slowly. Maybe we'll transform aware of an experimental medication that can slow or perchance opposite it (despite the proven reality that which is an prolonged shot). The for sure outcome is that or not it's going to unfold like, properly, a so much cancers, and finally overwhelm my body. My hope is tempered with reality, but my religion remains unshaken:

Oh that my phrases have been now written! oh that they have been printed in a ebook!
That they have been graven with an iron pen and lead within the rock for ever!
For I have an figuring out of that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:
And though after my dermis worms destroy this body, but in my flesh shall I see God:
Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and in no manner an chance; though my reins be consumed within me.

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