Mets Day 909 PE, CT, chuffed me

Mets Day 909 PE, CT, chuffed me

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I'm then again in the NIH hospital. They'll keep me here until day after this day, since they  verify that I am getting the superior dosage of Lovenox to wreck up my pulmonary embolism (PE). I've been getting 120 mg of Lovenox twice a day. Tonight the nurse will teach Jennifer and I how to do self-injections. Tomorrow morning I'll turn out that I can do it, after which I'll be discharged after a further set of labs verify that the complete concerns is adequate.
I'll have to keep up with the Lovenox injections twice each day for at the least 4 weeks. The doctors  make sure that that all of my clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) has been addressed. After 4 weeks, I could shift to once each day shots, that could go for six months, or it could last as long as I have bladder this type of lot cancers. We'll see. Since mets this type of lot cancers is a known risk factor for DVT and PE, her wondering is that I should this type of lot likely stay on the Lovenox for something else of my life. Neither Dr. Apolo nor Dr. Wood counseled that I go on coumadin, because or not it's miles so challenging to modify and will be as an alternative unpredictable. I'm not excited about each day shots into perpetuity, then again or not it's better than dying from a stroke. (A few minutes previously, I spoke with Dr. Aragon-Ching, who said that or not it's going to also be possible after 30 days or so to transition me from Lovenox to oral Xarelto. I will meet with her on Monday to get her views on my follow-up care.)

Dr. Wood gave me a replica of my CT scan. It confirmed "redemonstrated right lower lobe calcified granuloma", similarly "new, well-defined, linear low-density filling defect throughout the necessary facet of the main portal vein, extending from the portohepatis to the confluence of the SMV" and "an additional filling defect is famous in the necessary left portal vein." In other phrases, I've obtained a group of blood clots in my lung and portal veins in my liver. The outcomes of this scan were what triggered Dr. Wood to order me again to the hospital last evening. Reading it, I can remember why. Compared to my scans of 9/2/14, 7/15/14, and three/25/14, these clots are new and dramatic. All of the clinical specialists which have attended me – the doctors, PA's, nurses – have once again and once again told me how lucky I am that I in basic terms came about to have a scan that detected the PE earlier than I had any symptoms.

The CT scan additionally reported on the size of my enlarged lymph nodes below my left clavicle. The radiologist reports "light period shrink in the size of the awesome left supraclavicular lymph node, measuring about 1.0 cm in the short axis dimension, previously measuring 1.three cm." My other nodes in the area are good in size, the biggest about 1.0 cm all over. This finding that my largest lymph node as decreased in size is a chunk excellent, since I have not had any therapy since my last scan. It will be in consequence of how the CT scan sliced the node, even if the radiologist was definitive in his conclusion of "good and period shrink in size, respectively, of the 2 prominent supraclavicular lymph nodes."

Aside from the PE, there are two other on the spot takeaways from this CT scan:

1) My this type of lot cancers appears to have stopped fitting for now, and is honestly receding. This is a surprise, and to date, nobody has been prepared to explain it. I'm grateful that it has, and offers due to God for this news.

2) The smaller size of my nodes mean that I don't qualify for the HER2/neu trial that triggered this recent round of a laugh and games. The minimum tumor size has to be 2 cm. I additionally this type of lot likely is not going to qualify for any of the PD-L1 trials at this time either. Dr. Apolo told me this morning that she was going to in my view measure the node size when she reviewed my CT scan pics, yet I have not heard again from her. This ability that I'm again to watchful waiting – a similar place I was prior to about 11 am the former day morning. Ooch, whiplash.

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