Mets Day 916 Back to NIH

Mets Day 916 Back to NIH

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Today I had a comply with-up appointment with Dr. Apolo and a half of-dozen others. Apparently my reputation precedes me: as I was giving my history to the man who was doing the workup, he pointed out that he was acutely conscious of my blog. Maybe it was in my chart, or perhaps they've been told to be careful what they say, as it will be published on line. The fellow closely questioned me approximately my emotional state, making an try to hit upon out if I was depressed or sad or indignant. He mentioned that eighty% of mets melanoma patients displayed indicators of melancholy. He did now not suppose me when I mentioned I wasn't depressed, which made me sad.
Eventually he left and obtained right here again with Dr. Apolo and her assisting forged, which protected two other NIH medical doctors, the man, a medical scholar, and a physician from the FDA who was reviewing proposed medical trials for mets bladder melanoma. Dr. Apolo mentioned that my labs appeared nice quality, and the Lovenox stages were notable. She strongly prompted me to remain on Lovenox for three-6 months, noting that I had pretty some clots and a rather giant and long clot in my hepatic portal vein. We agreed that I'd continue with the twice frequently injections until now not lower than Nov. 18, when I am scheduled to have one another CT scan, and we'd see how issues look then. She had the man order me one another 21 days fee of Lovenox, that may give me a full of 7 weeks. After admiring my massively bruised love handles, she mentioned that I would possibly also inject the the front of my belly (one thing the NIH nurse mentioned ultimate week that I shouldn't do), and can also give injections into my thighs and palms if I desired. She also mentioned to prevent contact activities, so I wager that pointers out the annual Turkey Bowl soccer on line game.

Dr. Apolo mentioned that she had closely measured my nodes, as compared them with the prior scans, and had concluded that me nodes were neither rising nor shrinking, alternatively were stable in size. She also mentioned that the two applicable nodes were adjacent to both other, alternatively were sufficiently out of the odd so that she couldn't combine them for characteristics of medical trial eligibility. She drew a photograph of the two nodes, and explained that they were arranged like a comma, one above and a bite offset from the other. She also mentioned that the scan had picked up some other lymph nodes around my left clavicle and upper torso, alternatively none were enlarged satisfactory to be of any medical significance.

Thus puts me again into the identical quarter I've been in since I ended my chemotherapy: watchful waiting. We all agreed that the merely case situation can be that my nodes with the aid of no means multiplied in size satisfactory to prevent the threshold for get admission to into a medical trial, alternatively if and when that obtained right here about, we'd deal with it at that time.

Speaking of medical trials, I told the FDA doctor that I'd completely want to see a new drug accredited for use on metastatic bladder melanoma, since it had been extra than 20 years occupied with the ultimate drug had been accredited. He was smartly acutely conscious of that reality, and mentioned that the FDA was immediate-tracking investigations into the PD1 and PD-L1 drugs. Dr. Apolo gave the impression to admire my blatant lobbying, alternatively alternatively, I have a vested pastime.

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