Mets Day 939 Apparently I’m allegic to Lovenox

Mets Day 939 Apparently I'm allegic to Lovenox

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For the former month I've been injecting myself twice day by day with enoxaparin (Lovenox) – mornings on the left concern of my stomach, evenings on the compatible. I've constructed up a powerful choice of track marks and bruises from the injections. About every week ago, I observed a small rash on the left concern of my stomach. I assumed that this may likely depart, nonetheless gradually has greater in size. Today I sent an email correspondence to Dr. Apolo describing the rash, and enclosing a picture. Less than an hour later, one of many much future health care issuer's assistants from NIH often recognized as me and asked me to come in mechanically. Alrighty then.
The NIH oncology medical organization was empty when I arrived — all of the sufferers had already gone home, and the employees was wrapping up for the week. I sat down with the PA and a pharmacist, who perplexed right by means of the a entire lot of possible causes of my rash. After ruling out poison ivy, or a new laundry detergent, or an insect chew, or some factor else they could give thought of, they concluded that my rash doubtless was being hence of the Lovenox. According to the pharmacist, a delayed reaction to enoxaparin is "not unknown interior the literature," although she'd never for my section obvious one. Lucky me: an alternative one off case.

We outlined alternative blood thinners, including wayfarin and Xaralto. The pharmacist said that wayfarin had too many downsides. She also said that NIH didn't give thought that Xaralto had been sufficiently tested in sufferers with metastatic much cancers, although she allowed that it soon may potentially be. She decided to modification my blood thinner to fondaparinux (Arixtra), and I was provided with two weeks worth of syringes. One upside of fondaparinux is that I basically would have to inject it once a day.

I'm supposed to intently video demonstrate my rash to figure out if it goes away. I have my next scan scheduled for November 18, and I'll see Dr. Apolo an analogous day, so we'll revisit what blood thinner I may want to stay on interior the imply time. Oh, and we'll also uncover out regardless of whether or not my much cancers is creating. No massive deal (hopefully).

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