Mets Day 946 Blood in my urine again!

Mets Day 946 Blood in my urine again!

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Almost exactly three years ago – November 12, 2011 – I had blood and bloody mucus in my urine. That started my one-way experience down the rabbit hole of bladder cancer. Since then, I've had eight surgeries, two rounds of chemotherapy, 17 CT/PET scans, two organs removed, ongoing nocturnal incontinence, retired from my felony apply, been classified as actually disabled, and developed an improved spiritual understanding of existence and death.
Last night, I saw a moreover bloody chunk issue with my urine. I was shocked at how exact away I was spun back to November 12, 2011. This roller coaster simply doesn't preclude, I thought. At 8:forty pm I emailed medical experts Apolo and Aragon-Ching:

This night I had some bright red bloody mucus in my urine. I don't know if or now not it's concerning to my transfer to Xarelto, or one thing else concerning to my neobladder, or such a lot likely my kidneys, or nothing to concern about. I have a CT scan and medical establishment appointment with Dr. Apolo on Tuesday, November 18. Please advise regardless of whether I ought to do whatever prior to then. Thank you in your ongoing care.
At 10:06 pm, Dr. Apolo responded:

Likely on account of Xarelto. Please visual display screen unit the blood in your urine over a wiser 24-48hrs, if it worsens or doesn't upgrade you could definitely need to be assessed. Gloria will call you the following day morning to keep on with-up.
At 6:36 am this morning, Dr. Aragon-Ching added:

I agree with Dr. Apolo…such a lot likely from Xarelto, but additionally ascertain adequate hydration…who has been the Urologist you have been seeing principally? is it Dr. Schoenberg or Dr. Frazier? we too can ought to re-hook up with them if the bleeding doesn't ease up ….and see what the scan displays
Wow. I'm glad that my medical experts are as conscientious as they are, responding to emails late at night or before trip of day. I answered to both at 8:14 am:

Thank to both of you in your speedy response. So far I've viewed no additional blood. I'll let Gloria know if I see more, otherwise I'll plan on seeing Dr. Apolo on Tuesday. I haven't viewed a urologist since early 2013 (it was Dr. Michael Phillips, one of Dr. Frazier's colleagues who specialized in incontinence, who helped me with the imipramine). I understand that Mark Schoenberg left Hopkins earlier this year to become chief of urology at Einstein/Montefiore. I'm joyful with going back to Dr. Fraizer if vital, or I may possibly just possibly succeed in out to Dr. Trinity Bivalaqua at Hopkins, who repaired a stricture in my neobladder in September 2012.
Plus ca distinction, plus c'est los angeles meme chose.

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