Mets Day 950 Today’s CT experiment became equivocal

Mets Day 950 Today's CT experiment became equivocal

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Today I had a further test at NIH. The test develop into equivocal:
1. The "previously pointed out pulmonary emboi are less smartly noticeable or decreased/resolved since prior be trained 10/6/2014." Dr. Apolo and her fellow interpreted this to intend that the blood thinners have been running, that I must always still stay on the Xeralto, and that I must always still look ahead to more blood in my urine. The fellow noted that my labs were natural, and that there has been no blood detected in my urine sample.

2. The radiologist who read the test didn't document my supraclavicular nodes, which nobody may smartly clarify. Dr. Apolo personally looked on the pictures and measured the quick axis of my largest node to be 1.42 cm — less that 10% more than the 1.three cm inside the last test, and accordingly inside the selection of "stable", but greater nonetheless. But it is still not wide sufficient to input a clinical trial, so we'll preserve to hang loose.

three. The radiologist noted "nonspecific sclerotic densities inside the skeletal structures," and questioned whether that develop into a outcomes of metastatic cancer. Dr. Apolo said that develop into natural arthritis, and not to be anxious approximately it. Most of my prior scans even have noted my converting bone densities.

4. The radiologist furthermore noted "nonspecific hypodensity inside the liver, unchanged. The cognizance is just too small to characterize on CT." Prior scans have furthermore advised there generally small tumor nodes in my liver, but if they are there, it is absolutely not wide sufficient to ascertain. But tumors inside the liver are the undoubtedly region for mets BC to spread. My combined PET-MRI in September didn't have a seem to be at uptake in my liver, suggesting that there has been no metastatic endeavor at that time. But still.

Dr. Apolo scheduled me for a comply with up CT test in two months. She specified that my neck be coated next time, since just a spread of of my torso scans have managed to somewhat capture my supraclavicular nodes. I noted that I'd be traveling with Dr. Aragon-Ching next week, and Dr. Apolo said thatthe two of them would preserve to debate with on my case.

On stability, this test is "comparable historical, comparable historical." Which just goes to prove how inured I have grow to be to the complex world of metastatic cancer. A test like this generally would freak out anybody who previously had a clean bill of wellbeing and fitness. To me, it is a shrug of the shoulders and on to Chipotle.

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