Mets Day 978 Gross hematuria

Mets Day 978 Gross hematuria

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For the prior few days I've had gross hematuria – visible blood in my urine – each time that I have voided. It's always sensible crimson blood that accompanies the preliminary transfer of urine and mucus that a neobladder generates. Yesterday I became also feeling like I had some cramps, and a little bigger awareness of how females periodically feel. I reached out to Dr. Trinity Bivalacqua at Johns Hopkins, who became the last health practitioner to do a cystoscopy on my neobladder, to request an appointment. After some checking, I became told that the following attainable appointment two months away. Wow. So I called Dr. Harold Frazier, who I had also seen in 2012, then again became told by means of his scheduler that, without actual commands from the health practitioner, I would ought to have an place of job appointment quicker than a cystoscopy.
So this morning I sent the ensuing to my oncologist:

Dr. Aragon-Ching:

For the prior a diffusion of days, I have had gross hematuria about each time that I void. The blood is sensible crimson and always in the preliminary spurt of mucus from the neobladder. I have called Dr. Trinity Bivalacqua at Johns Hopkins, and have been told that he hope to do a cystoscopy, then again in keeping together with his scheduler, his first attainable appointment is not until February 10. The scheduler is watching to stumble upon an prematurely time slot. In the meantime, I'd utilize your thoughts.

1. Should I are watching to have Dr. Hal Frazier of GW MFA appearance at me? I called his scheduler then again became told that she couldn't agenda a cystoscopy until he had ordered it. I left a one of a kind message together with his nurse, noting which you were my oncologist. If applicable, would you please send him a note?

2. Should I proceed with the Xeralto? Should I divide the pill in half and take the two half 12 hours aside?

3. Is there remainder that I deserve to be doing? I have been staying hydrated.

Thank you for your carrying on with care.

She responded in just an hour so so as follows:

Hi Mr. Brothers,

I assume shield the Xarelto for now over the following couple of days to see if it eases up…I shall go alongside your message to Dr. Frazier as properly…Please do stay hydrated…

Looks like that's in some cases a crimson Christmas . . .

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