Mets Day 981 No Xeralto, no bleeding

Mets Day 981

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Following my oncologist's steerage, I stopped taking Xeralto on Tuesday. By Wednesday nighttime my urine turned into freed from gross hematuria, and I've seen none that is why then. The question for that reason is whether it's more basic that I stay on a blood thinner to keep away from the recurrence of pulmonary embolisms, or stay off the thinner and cease gross hematuria. I'm awaiting additional input from my medical doctors.
Meanwhile, I still think it's an reasonable idea for a urologist to do a cystoscopy into my neobladder and spot whether there are any lesions, and broadly speakme assessing how it's doing. Johns Hopkins usally known as me to say that they had managed to head up the cystoscopy with Dr. Bivalacqua by two weeks, to January 27. It's still a virtually roughly long time to wait. I also exchanged emails and contact calls with the patient care coordinator for Dr. Piyush Agarwal, the head bladder cancer urologist at NIH, and she or he is trying to agenda an appointment for me with Dr. Agarwal.

Meanwhile, I'm fighting a chest cold that I lately picked up, so I am less active than favorite. Moss is becoming on my north side. I have been drinking diversity of fluids, having pointed out that it I made the mistake of taking a slug of blue Powerade Zero and straight away being transported reduce back to my days of chemotherapy. That flavor affiliate shall not be broken, it looks.

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