Mets Day 991 Welcome to NIH’s Urology Department

Mets Day 991 Welcome to NIH's Urology Department

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Today I met with Dr. Piyush Agarwal, NIH's chief urologist, and his nurse practitioner, Rebecca Dolan. THis became my first contact with NIH's urology department. It is an competent and well-oiled workforce. I reviewed my case history with Ms. Dolan, who closely questioned my on when i started and stopped each blood thinner, and when my bleeding began. I had to refer again to my prior cyber internet publication entries to be positive a few of the dates. I also pointed out an odd little rash that lately had shaped on my knees. I told her that I hadn't reworked any soaps or lotions or detergents, and that the I noticed the rash a few weeks after I started taking the Xeralto. She allowed as that it became an opportunity that both might also moderately well be linked, despite doubted it. Keep an eye on it, she mentioned. She became way more emphatic that there has been a comparatively clear purpose and effect amongst my taking the Xeralto and the gross hematuria.
When Dr. Agarwal joined us, he mentioned that there has been comparatively little enjoy with Xarelto, metastatic cancer, and neobladders. Although he suspected that my gross hematuria became the likely end result of the Xeralto loosening some tissue in my neobladder, he mentioned that he desired to rule out the prospect that my metastatic cancer had emerged in either my kidneys, ureters, or in different places in my urothelium. So next Monday I'll have a CT urogram to have a look at and (really) rule that out. He also scheduled me for a cystogram for January 20. I'll be underneath commonplace anesthesia for that, so in case he sees something that must be cauterized, he can contend with it. He'll do that the very first thing in the morning. I became ahead of scheduled to have a CT that morning followed by a clinic visit with Dr. Apolo; we're going to see if we will put off that by a couple of hours so I can walk myself to the CT scanner.

Dr. Agarwal advisable that I resume taking the Xeralto, although I may want to cease it two days ahead of coming in for the cystography. He mentioned that having gross hematuria became better than having pulmonary embolisms. He mentioned that it became a shame that I became allergic to the low molecular weight heparins, and mused that, if I became unable to continue on the Xeralto, I might well need to acquire as factual with anIVC filter. I'm not excited approximately that theory. It's an update to acquire as factual with later, and only if I need to.

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