Mets Day 993 New NIH schedule

Mets Day 993 New NIH schedule

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Yesterday afternoon I gained an email from Dr. Agarwal's patient care coordinator with a revised schedule for my NIH appointments. Instead of going in next Monday, I will go in on Thursday, January eight, for blood work, the CT urogram, and the fixed CT scan that had been scheduled for January 20. I'll moreover have an EKG and meet with the anesthesiologist to prep for the cystography that will take region on the twentieth.
The NIH coordinator moreover noted that I  look for affirmation from Dr. Aragon-Ching to discontinue taking Xarelto on January 10, 10 days earlier than the surgery. I forwarded that request to her, and he or she responded:

I most often suggest to easiest give up Xarelto for roughly 2-3 days in advance of a system. While a longer interval  be needed for a much more desirable bleeding possibility system, the priority for thrombosis (new clots) that develops in patients with cancer undergoing surgery is equally a priority as correctly. If this can be potential and wouldn't unduly compromise Dr. Agarwal's capability to competently (and safely) compare you, then it absolutely is preferable. If not, then go with the plans as outlined (I'm cc'ing Dr. Agarwal here as correctly). Xarelto moreover might even be resumed postoperatively when hemostasis has been carried out, perhaps 24 – forty eight hours after (depending on how the bleeding turned into peri-operatively and your capability to take up pills orally), at an analogous dose of 20 mg thereafter each and on a daily basis. Intravenous heparin would be an alternative if oral administration becomes a hardship for  reason.
It's a sexy tension, between stopping the drug to avoid bleeding problems, and persevering with the drug to lessen the chance of pulmonary embolisms.
Happy new yr!

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