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Mets Days 1015

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In my discussions this week with Dr. Apolo and Dr. Aragon-Ching, the MPDL3280a study that we were pondering was a Phase II single-arm trial ( Identifier NCT02108652), where all patients would receive the MPDL3280a immunotherapy drug. Both Drs. Apolo and Aragon-Ching understood that Georgetown's Lombardi Cancer Center was offering that trial; the two of them contacted Dr. Nancy Dawson on my behalf; and yesterday I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Dawson for next Tuesday.
I requested Dr. Dawson's research nurse to email correspondence me the clinical trial consent paperwork so I could review them and compile a listing of questions. This morning I begun reading at some stage in the 40 pages of facts, disclosures, warnings, and disclaimers, and was surprised to be told that the clinical trial that Geogetown was running was in fact a Phase III double-armed study comparing patients who received MPDL3280a to patients receiving a taxene-principally principally based chemotherapy ( Identifier NCT02302807). Half the patients in that trial will be randomized into the chemotherapy arm, and some other half in the MPDL3280a arm.

I have no interest in getting chemotherapy at present. Been there, done that, got the neuropathy to expose it. Maybe at some later portion, I'll get a platinum and taxene-principally principally based chemo, but only when my tumors are universal. The Phase III trial chemotherapy arm is only a single-drug regimen, even if some will be given vinflunine, and others would get either paclitaxel, or docetaxel. Strangely adequate, Georgetown's record of clinical trials for bladder cancer identifies the Phase II trial that I'm interested in, but does not incorporate the Phase III trial. I've sent an email correspondence to Dr. Dawson's research nurse attempting clarification, in view that I are not looking for to go down the path for randomization into the Phase III chemo arm. Of direction, if I randomized into the MPDL3280a arm, that will be simply advantageous. But if Georgetown also is doing the Phase II study, then I'd prefer enrolling in that instead of rolling the cube on randomization.

I did some more digging and saw that, anyway Georgetown, some other local medical center that is partaking in the Phase II MPDL3280a trial (where everyone gets the drug) is Fairfax Inova. The Phase II trial appears on their record of clinical trials. I recognised as Dr. Alexander Spira, who is heading that study, and spoke with his research nurse, who scheduled me for an appointment next Friday at 2 pm. So it looks like I'll be able between MPDL3280a trials.

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