Mets Days 768 – Little expansion on a remedy

Mets Days 768 - Little expansion on a remedy

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Today I met with my GW oncologist, Dr. Jeanny Aragon-Ching. I go in every couple of months for lab work, have my port flushed, and see what's new in the worldwide of metastatic bladder cancer. I asked her if there was any recent news or developments, and in particular whether there were any clinical trials that will be applicable to me. I additionally asked about a contemporary MD Anderson study (news article here) that reported that several bladder cancer mutations resembled breast cancer mutations.
Dr. Aragon-Ching was aware of the MD Anderson paper, and said that even more recent papers had dampened any short-term hope that metastatic bladder cancer might be as amenable to treatment as several breast cancers have been. She said that the ability to identify the sub-classification of bladder cancer was still preliminary, and there were no sufficiently powered studies as of yet showing that particular sub-types of bladder cancer responded better or worse than other sub-types. She added that there was still so a whole lot research to do, and not sufficient funding to do it.

We additionally spoke about clinical trials. She said that the most promising research was in regards to immunotherapy and inhibitors called PD-1 and PD-L1. The newest clinical trials require the patients to have measurable metastases larger than 1.5 cm in size — some thing I don't have. She said that she hoped that I would not get to the point of being eligible for such a trial, because such a metastasis would mean that my cancer is growing and spreading. I agreed that it was far better for my mets to be stable and not spread from my lymphatic system into my organs.

We additionally talked about my slow walk back to pre-ddMVAC chemo baseline. She advised that I slowly ramp up several classification of an exercise regimen to get back several of the stamina that was lost during last fall's chemo and recovery. I hope to do more racquet sports such as tennis or racquetball with my youngsters.

For now, I remain on the watchful waiting cycle. My next scan is in mid-July at NIH. Until then, the message remains to be glad about each day, sharing love and laughter with family and pals.

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